Jake Shaves His Head!

Jake took part in the Worlds Greatest Shave and together with friends, family and fans, raised over $3500 for children suffering with Leukemia and donated his hair to Wigs For Kids.


Bass tracking has begun.

Updates from the studio…

Update from the studio! 

Preproduction is a day away from over. It’s hard to believe so much has happened in only a week. We’ve pulled apart and put together the best of 45 songs and had our asses kicked in the process. Coming out of an Aussie summer, the New Jersey weather is a little harsh but we are loving the snow and being well looked after by Bendeth & the team here! 

This Thursday Matty will start laying down drum tracks! 

Thanks for your support out there. 

Photos by Matt Vogel.

All is illuminated. Rebirth awaits.

Enter the full moon of Tonight Alive!
All is illuminated. Rebirth awaits.

Soundwave was unbelievable and truly fulfilling! Thankyou to our homeland fans for your continual support.

As we find ourselves coming to the end of our writing process, we also reach the close of an album cycle. It is said that life is vibration and vibration is eternal. ‘The Other Side’ will live in us forever as a coming of age. It was an album that healed our wounds, brought us closer to our fans and ultimately changed our lives.

But today, the next journey begins. By mid March the recording of our 3rd LP will be well and truly under way! We’re excited to share that the album will be produced by David Bendeth, whose work we have admired for years and are confident will respect and channel the vision we have for the future of Tonight Alive’s sound and message.

We are a band that has always had so much to be grateful for! Thankyou to all who have listened to, had faith in, worked with and supported Tonight Alive throughout the past 7 years. We want nothing more than to make you happy and empower you in your lives as you do for us.

We will be keeping you updated from the studio & seeing you on the road for the Future Hearts Tour with All Time Low across America from April 15 to May 24th!

Tonight Alive x 3/3/15

Photo by Neal Walters


What a surreal start to Soundwave Festival! Hour long sets means we get to play some old songs we haven’t played in years. Thanks for everyone who caught the set in Melbourne and Adelaide.
Brissy and Sydney, see you this weekend!

🙂 Cam